3 дня 22:31
Overstock CEO resigns after disclosing romance with Russian agent
Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne speaks out after his resignation. Byrne says he was a part of political espionage during the 2016 election cycle. 23 августа 2019, 0:20
759 028
3 дня 8:37
Bill Maher mocks Rep. Tlaib's call to boycott his show
HBO host calls the BDS movement a 'purity test by people who want to appear woke'; reaction from the 'America's Newsroom' panel. 22 августа 2019, 15:16
724 556
5 дней 8:58
Gutfeld on Joe Biden's new ad and his wife's endorsement
Biden campaign touts candidate's electability in first 2020 ad. 20 августа 2019, 21:38
625 984
4 дня 34:51
Trump: 'I am the chosen one' to take on China
President Trump discusses a variety of topics including background checks, possible capital gains tax and China. 21 августа 2019, 17:13
453 356
5 дней 2:55
Trump explodes on the Squad: 'I call them AOC plus three'
Trump says Rep. Ilhan Omar is a 'disaster' for Jewish people in her district during an angry tirade against the four progressive Congresswomen. 20 августа 2019, 20:22
450 930
6 дней 10:24
Hannity: Bias at the New York Times exposed
A transcript of a leaked New York Times employee town hall reveals the paper's leadership coming clean about their anti-Trump agenda. 20 августа 2019, 2:19
449 231
6 дней 5:18
Tucker: Joe Biden is running a zombie campaign
When people actually see Biden, they realize the former vice president isn't a distinguished elder statesman, he's a fading one. 20 августа 2019, 1:17
439 939
6 дней 5:31
Ben Shapiro reacts to controversial image shared by Reps. Omar, Tlaib
Syndicated columnist Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire and host of 'The Ben Shapiro Show,' joins Dana Perino on 'The Daily Briefing.' #DailyBriefing #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX | 19 августа 2019, 19:36
433 470
5 дней 29:32
Trump addresses China, transgender rights, the Squad in fiery remarks
President Trump and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis participate in a bilateral meeting. 20 августа 2019, 19:31
411 396
6 дней 7:13
Trump accuses NYT of 'racism witch hunt' after leaked meeting
Editor vows to shift Trump coverage from Russia to 2020 race in leaked audio; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business | 19 августа 2019, 22:58
405 454
3 дня 7:50
Ingraham: The left's urge to purge
In the age of Trump, many hardcore Democrats seem perpetually angry. 23 августа 2019, 2:42
400 837
5 дней 5:41
Tucker: What exactly is Joe Biden running on?
It's hard to imagine a presidential candidate more out of step with the moment. 21 августа 2019, 0:43
381 006
5 дней 6:09
Ingraham: Hillary 2.0
The frailty, the flip-flops, the conflicts abroad and, of course, the messy family life: Joe Biden's campaign is looking like a bad sequel. 21 августа 2019, 3:03
372 510
13 часов 19:57
US reaches trade deal with Japan
President Trump says he has agreed in principle with the Japanese prime minister on a trade deal. Japan has agreed to buy an excess of U.S. corn. 25 августа 2019, 14:03
353 990
2 дня 11:16
Bernie scoffs at question about limiting his air travel
Senator Bernie Sanders was called on to limit his use of fossil fuels. 23 августа 2019, 21:38
346 662
4 дня 6:41
Tucker: The Democratic Party wants to run the US
Progressive-controlled cities are on the urban decline. 22 августа 2019, 0:57
335 781
3 дня 3:51
Beauty queen claims she was dethroned for supporting Trump
Former Ms. Nevada 2019 Katie Jo Williams speaks out on her allegations against the Ms. 22 августа 2019, 12:20
331 845
2 дня 6:31
China slaps tariffs on $75 billion of US products
White House trade adviser Peter Navarro responds to China's retaliation against the U.S. in the trade battle. 23 августа 2019, 15:14
319 124
6 дней 9:02
'The Five' react to freshman Dems blasting Trump, Netanyahu
Top Democrats reportedly threaten to retaliate after Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were denied access to Israel over their support of the BDS movement; reaction and analysis on 'The Five. 19 августа 2019, 22:01
302 830
6 дней 3:13
AG Barr removes US prisons director after Epstein's death
Attorney General Bill Barr has replaced Federal Bureau of Prisons Acting Director Hugh Hurwitz with former bureau Director Kathleen Hawk Sawyer after the death of Jeffrey Epstein; Bryan Llenas has | 19 августа 2019, 18:35
286 626
3 дня 4:00
Dan Crenshaw responds to attack from The Young Turks’ Hasan Piker
Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw says Hasan Piker is a perfect example of 'outrage culture' after The Young Turks contributor mocked Crenshaw for his war wound. 23 августа 2019, 3:15
286 021
3 дня 6:50
'The Five' reacts to Trump looking to end birthright citizenship
President Trump and Democrats feud over immigration reform; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX News Radio | 22 августа 2019, 21:41
281 469
3 дня 6:58
Hannity: The biggest ally in history for Israel is Donald J. Trump
Sean Hannity weighs in on Democrats' accusations that Republicans are racist, sexist and xenophobic. 23 августа 2019, 2:15
276 718
2 дня 4:36
Trump announces new tariffs on Chinese goods amid bitter trade war
Trump escalates the trade fight between the U.S. and China, rips Federal Reserve President Jay Powell; Rich Edson reports from the White House. 23 августа 2019, 22:28
273 022
2 дня 3:46
Ocasio-Cortez under fire for comments on Electoral College
Former Senate Judiciary Committee counsel Gregg Nunziata says it is reckless to call the Electoral College system racist. 23 августа 2019, 16:36
267 899
2 дня 8:03
Charlie Hurt reacts to AOC calling Electoral College a racist 'scam'
Extreme Democrats now running the Democratic Party; reaction from Charlie Hurt, Washington Times opinion editor, Allie Beth Stuckey, 'Relatable' podcast host, and Washington Examiner senior campaign | 24 августа 2019, 2:17
260 927
4 дня 4:55
Biden continues to blunder on the campaign trail
Reince Preibus and Tammy Bruce weigh in on the impact 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden's gaffes will have on his campaign. 22 августа 2019, 2:27
252 094
5 дней 11:07
Hogan Gidley asks Dems to condemn Omar, Tlaib's 'disgusting' behavior
White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley condemns Reps. Tlaib and Omar for their 'disgusting' behavior against Israel and pushes back on warnings of a potential recession. 20 августа 2019, 17:11
247 061
4 дня 2:09
Barr discusses Jeffrey Epstein case with media
AG William Barr says the DOJ has found serious irregularities at the jail where Jeffrey Epstein was found dead. 21 августа 2019, 20:46
243 802
1 день 8:30
Trump talks trade, dissatisfaction with Powell, Ginsburg
Trump addresses reporters as he departs the White House for G7 summit in France. 24 августа 2019, 3:50
236 326
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