MM #169 - Pentagon Not Bombing ISIS Camps???

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Опубликовано 30 августа 2015, 10:50
One of THE most respected military reporters in D.C. -- Bill Gertz – yesterday reported in the “Washington Free Beacon” that the Pentagon is NOT bombing an estimated 60 ISIS training camps that are pumping out thousands of new ISIS fighters each month.
The camps are spread across Syria and Iraq – and the Pentagon knows exactly where they are located, but they are being protected by the White House on the grounds that hitting them may cause collateral damage.
As one unnamed Pentagon insider told Gertz:
“If we know the location of these camps, and the president wants to destroy ISIS, why are the camps still functioning?”
Intelligence sources worry that a certain percentage of the new ISIS trainees will make their way back into their home countries in Europe and North America.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.