23 часа 8:33
Anti-Brexit campaigner reacts to news Parliament can't be shut down
The Government has conceded for the first time that the Prime Minister cannot shut down or prorogue Parliament in order to force through a no-deal Brexit. 18 августа 2019, 10:29
133 728
23 часа 1:56:44
The Nigel Farage Show: 18th August 2019- LBC
The Nigel Farage Show is back following a break. Get involved in today's debate by calling Nigel on 0345 60 60 973. You can also text 84850 or tweet @LBC using #FarageOnLBC. 18 августа 2019, 11:13
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15 часов 3:36
Hong Kong: March of the umbrellas
Hundreds of thousands descended on high-end Hong Kong Island, determined to "be there" to show their solidarity. 18 августа 2019, 18:38
58 360
16 часов 9:31
Jack Letts stripped of British citizenship
"He's in a legal black hole": John Letts and Sally Lane have condemned the Home Office decision to strip their son Jack of his British citizenship, saying they are shocked that the government would | 18 августа 2019, 18:06
53 051
22 часа 1:48
Pylon explodes into ‘fireball’ seconds after Didcot power station demolition
Seconds after three iconic cooling towers at Didcot power station were demolished, an electricity pylon exploded showering families in sparks. 18 августа 2019, 11:49
30 042
23 часа 9:01
The fight to deliver Brexit has gone on for 'too long' - Kwasi Kwarteng
Energy minister Kwasi Kwarteng says the UK will leave "with or without" a deal on 31 October because the fight to deliver Brexit has gone on for "too long". 18 августа 2019, 10:31
23 391
12 часов 3:06:25
George Galloway - The Mother Of All Talkshows - Episode 9
This week we talk to Whitney Webb for an update on the Epstein case, we chat to Dr Ranjeet Brar on the unfolding problems in Hong Kong and we catch up with Ahmed Kaballo after his return from | 18 августа 2019, 21:29
16 133
11 часов 1:24
Royals In The Sun: Prince Harry Attends Street Party in Belize
Part eleven of our #RoyalsInTheSun series shows Prince Harry visit Belize back in 2012 as part of his grandmother’s diamond jubilee. 18 августа 2019, 23:15
15 513
21 час 0:55
Indian authorities reimposed restrictions on movement in Kashmir's biggest city, Srinagar
India again tightens Kashmir curbs after overnight clashes following a flare-up in violence as officials claimed to be easing their nearly two-week crackdown sparked by a downgrade in the region's | 18 августа 2019, 12:58
13 266
1 день 10:18
Labour's Laura Pidcock says PM is 'shielded from the effects of no-deal Brexit'
Labour's Laura Pidcock says Boris Johnson is "completely shielded from the effects of a no-deal Brexit".Jeremy Corbyn will bring "certainty" on Brexit as a caretaker PM. 18 августа 2019, 10:21
11 752
21 час 0:48
Didcot power station's cooling towers demolished
Thousands of households lost electricity moments after Didcot power station's cooling towers were demolished Read more here... 18 августа 2019, 12:33
10 369
4 часа 20:10
Proven Right Again - Smart Phones Manipulating Brain Cells - David Icke
Our Youtube Sponsor - Verified Exchange - verifiedexchange.com Ad Music - bensound.com/royalty-free-music To have David's Dot Connector Videocast sent to you in full every week, Click | 19 августа 2019, 5:33
7 084
23 часа 7:47
Austin Williams and Sophia Gaston discuss what's leading the Sunday papers
Austin Williams, director of the international development Think tank, and Sophia Gaston, director of the British Foreign Policy Group, discuss what is leading the headlines in Sunday's newspapers. 18 августа 2019, 10:41
6 763
16 часов 2:00
Thousands of homes left without power after Didcot demolition | ITV News
Some 49,000 homes lost electricity moments after the demolition of the disused Didcot A cooling towers after a piece of debris hit an overhead electricity network. 18 августа 2019, 17:37
3 418
12 часов 2:08
Government downplays leaked no-deal Brexit report | ITV News
Mr Gove, the Cabinet minister in charge of no-deal planing said the report was old and since its publication the Government has taken "significant additional steps to ensure that we are prepared to | 18 августа 2019, 21:42
2 681
23 часа 1:53
There’s only one Owen Jones
Watch Owen Jones from earlier his year!! 18 августа 2019, 10:59
2 492
48 мин 4:36
Hong Kong: 1.7 million march for democracy
1.7 million people took part in Hong Kong's pro-democracy rally over the weekend, undeterred by torrential rain and the threat of a Chinese paramilitary presence stationed across the border. 19 августа 2019, 9:34
1 724
4 часа 2:21
‪Doom-mongers Plot to scupper Boris Johnson Tory No Deal Brexit!!! 😱‬ ‪Operation Chaos.
‪Doom-mongers Plot to scupper Boris Johnson Tory No Deal Brexit!!! 😱‬ ‪Operation Chaos. 😱 ‬ ‪What’s the worse case scenario? Hundreds of thousands will die! 😱‬ | 19 августа 2019, 5:27
1 664
19 часов 0:59
Massive Bangladesh slum fire leaves 10,000 people homeless
At least 10,000 people were left homeless after a huge blaze destroyed most of a slum area of Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital. 18 августа 2019, 14:41
1 427
14 часов 2:02
Christine Lampard plays Have You Ever
Christine Lampard has built a reputation for being one of the nicest women on telly, hosting Loose Women and filling in on ITV's Lorraine. But does she have any secrets hiding in her closet? 18 августа 2019, 20:00
1 327
15 часов 2:57:55
FREAKY FRIDAY.... LIVE! Strange Space, Musk Mars Attack & More...
Join us for our Weekend Stream... LIVE! Where we go, no one knows.... #KevBakerShow Freaky Friday .... LIVE with The Woo Crew Listen live on TRUTH FREQUENCY RADIO.... 18 августа 2019, 18:44
1 004
1 час 2:37
Gove: No deal Brexit concerns are exaggerated
BRITAIN will face fuel, food and medicine shortages if it leaves the EU without a Brexit transition deal, leaked documents claim. 19 августа 2019, 9:22
1 час 1:19
Charlie Mullins on #NoDealBrexit: "We need to stop trying to bluff the EU"
"We need to stop trying to bluff the EU" says Pimlico Plumbers' CEO Charlie Mullins who believes that a #NoDealBrexit needs to be avoided 'at all costs'. Like what you see? 19 августа 2019, 9:02
1 час 27:58
Renegade Inc : A Leaderless Revolution…
We’re at Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall this week in search of new ideas, great speakers and, of course those people who are thinking differently… Bruce Parry is an indigenous rights advocate | 19 августа 2019, 8:54
26 мин 0:39
Didcot power station reduced to rubble
Didcot Power Station's iconic cooling towers were demolished in spectacular fashion early on Sunday morning. 19 августа 2019, 9:57
24 мин 7:02
George Galloway: "All this talk of Irish backstops is hogwash"
"All this talk of Irish backstops is hogwash" says George Galloway who talks to In Question's Manila Chan ahead of Boris Johnson meeting Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron in Berlin and Paris this | 19 августа 2019, 9:58
3 мин 4:46
Burna Boy on working with Beyoncé and being one of Africa's biggest rising stars
He’s been credited with bringing Afrobeat to the mainstream; he just won Best International Act at this summer’s Black Entertainment Television Awards, and he has a solo track on Beyoncé’s Lion King | 19 августа 2019, 10:19
27 видео