2 дня 12:46
Share - An Instagram star at a crossroads
Tim is an 18-year-old Asian-American with more than 4m followers on Instagram. He lives online, grabbing his phone first thing in the morning and even taking baths with it sometimes. 19 июля 2019, 11:03
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3 дня 6:21
Free Nazanin: Richard Ratcliffe on the fight to free his wife from Iranian jail
In 2016, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was arrested in Iran and charged with espionage. Her young daughter Gabriella was with her at the time and the family have been separated ever since. 18 июля 2019, 15:02
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5 дней 6:36
Boris Johnson's biggest design fails as London mayor
From sweatbox buses to a novelty 'dangleway' and fantasy bridges that never saw a brick laid. 16 июля 2019, 16:13
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9 дней 15:02
Crannog - the woman who helps animals to die with dignity
Alexis has a life-threatening disease. She spends her time in the wooded expanse of northern Scotland where she takes care of dozens of others who are also sick, wounded or dying. 12 июля 2019, 11:01
21 247
10 дней 7:53
Not another climate horror story
Soil is pretty remarkable stuff. It provides us with 95% of our food, helps regulate the earth’s atmosphere, and It's a bigger carbon sink than all the world's forests combined. 11 июля 2019, 11:12
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18 дней 12:36
What if you thought climate change was your fault?
Doyte lives in South Omo, Ethiopia, one of the most remote areas in the world and one of the hardest hit by climate change. He doesn't know about climate change. 4 июля 2019, 7:26
15 717
23 дня 29:36
The Waiting Room - a single parent's unflinching account of living with breast cancer
When Victoria Mapplebeck was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided to record each step of her journey from diagnosis to recovery. 28 июня 2019, 10:59
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24 дня 11:20
Why is a woman doing this? | Modern Masculinity
Over the past 12 weeks Guardian journalist Iman Amrani has been speaking to men around the country about masculinity and the issues affecting them. 27 июня 2019, 11:16
47 524
25 дней 5:35
Could this young Muslim unseat Boris Johnson at the next election?
Boris Johnson may have his eyes on being the prime minister but, if successful, he will walk into No 10 with one of the smallest majorities in history. 27 июня 2019, 7:26
70 307
26 дней 14:32
Emotional support animals: has America's 'epidemic' gone too far?
Emotional support animals, or ESAs, have exploded across the US in recent years, with rising numbers of pet owners getting their animals certified online. 26 июня 2019, 8:30
51 945
27 дней 6:57
Why America's gay bars still matter: 'We can live our truth here'
The Guardian visits three US gay bars in Texas, Mississippi and Indiana, where the owners and punters share how important those spaces remain for their community Subscribe to The Guardian on | 25 июня 2019, 5:00
9 344
32 дня 8:31
How period apps are making other people rich
People have been tracking their cycles since periods were a thing. These days, menstrual cycles have become big business, and there are lots of ways to profit from them. 20 июня 2019, 10:10
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32 дня 5:53
New York drag queens on the legacy of Stonewall: 'We gotta keep fighting and yelling'
On 28 June 1969, a police raid at the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, sparked a fearless rebellion against discrimination – and proved the catalyst for the modern LGBTQ | 20 июня 2019, 4:58
9 066
32 дня 5:51
Toxic school run: how polluted is the air that children breathe?
Most of Britain's cities have had illegally polluted air for nearly a decade and the effect of air pollution is particularly bad on children. 19 июня 2019, 17:33
21 194
37 дней 20:38
Trapped in the city of a thousand mountains - rap in China
A new phenomenon has taken the internet by storm: Chinese rap. But behind its skyrocketing popularity, there is a struggle for freedom of speech. 14 июня 2019, 11:20
17 150
38 дней 14:51
‘Respect is a two-way thing’ | Modern Masculinity
As part of a series on modern masculinity, Guardian journalist Iman Amrani is exploring what masculinity means to men, aiming to hear from voices that are not often heard in mainstream discussions. 13 июня 2019, 11:41
51 964
46 дней 17:28
Brexit breakdown: 14 days that shook politics | Anywhere but Westminster
Starting with the unexpected scramble for the European parliament and ending with the byelection build-up in Peterborough, John Harris and John Domokos go on a mammoth road trip into the new | 5 июня 2019, 11:06
102 540
48 дней 19:54
Buyers Club: the network providing people with affordable hepatitis C medicine
In 2013, a cure was found for hepatitis C. It could save millions of lives, but its price tag of between $40,000 and $84,000 for 84 pills puts it far out of most patients’ reach. 3 июня 2019, 11:19
10 160
52 дня 12:56
'Masculinity is not what you see on TV' | Modern Masculinity
As part of a series on Modern Masculinity, Guardian journalist Iman Amrani is exploring what masculinity means to men, aiming to hear from voices that are not often heard in mainstream discussions. 30 мая 2019, 12:08
68 716
53 дня 13:45
Inside Spain's far-right battle ground: 'When Franco was alive, it was safer'
Vox became the first far-right party to win more than a single seat in Spain's parliament since the Franco era when it won 24 in the general election. 30 мая 2019, 10:08
43 283
56 дней 9:25
'Immigrants make Britain great': Magid Magid's unlikely journey to Green MEP
Magid Magid shot to fame as the lord mayor of Sheffield on a platform of hope and anti-racism in his city. A year later he has just been voted the first Green MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber. 27 мая 2019, 9:21
49 654
58 дней 19:12
The Hour of Lynching - vigilante violence in India
Rakbar, a Muslim dairy farmer, was murdered by a Hindu mob who thought he was taking a cow to be slaughtered for meat. 24 мая 2019, 12:10
64 739
61 день 3:50
De EU is even duur als Netflix. Is het dat waard?
In de week van de Europese verkiezingen presenteren Nederlandse architecten Rem Koolhaas en Stephan Petermann een nieuw beeld van de Europese Unie. Ze kijken naar wat de EU bereikt heeft en oplevert. 21 мая 2019, 10:25
4 946
62 дня 3:50
The EU costs you the same as Netflix - is it worth it? Rem Koolhaas thinks so.
In the week of the EU elections, the Dutch architects Rem Koolhaas and Stephan Petermann are working to create a new image of the EU, by moving it away from that of a faceless bureaucracy and | 21 мая 2019, 10:00
67 745
66 дней 13:39
What makes a man? | Modern Masculinity
As part of a series on Modern Masculinity, Guardian journalist Iman Amrani is exploring what masculinity means to a range of men from diverse backgrounds. 16 мая 2019, 10:58
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72 дня 42:16
'Masculinity is essential to society' – full Interview | Modern Masculinity
In episode two of our series on modern masculinity, Iman Amrani met Neil Smedley, a Jordan Peterson fan and barber shop owner in Leeds. 10 мая 2019, 14:02
130 583
73 дня 18:25
Can Yanis Varoufakis save Europe?
The Greek economist is back battling the EU establishment, this time at the helm of a new movement, DiEM25. 10 мая 2019, 9:01
145 432
73 дня 7:08
Do cyclists think they're above the law, and does it even matter?
Cyclists can be a nuisance, running red lights, riding on the pavement ... but are they dangerous, and if not, is it a problem if they break the law? 9 мая 2019, 11:20
175 689
76 дней 7:57
Cancer town: 'People are dying horrible deaths'
The Louisiana town where cancer haunts the streets: 'People are dying horrible deaths' Subscribe to The Guardian on YouTube ► is.gd/subscribeguardian Residents of the town on the banks of | 6 мая 2019, 13:35
28 445
76 дней 8:00
Cancer Town: inside the town where cancer haunts the streets –
Residents of the town on the banks of the Mississippi River have watched a family members and neighbors have been lost to cancer. 6 мая 2019, 13:33
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