13 часов 2:40
Brazilian troops deployed to battle Amazon fire
Brazilian troops have started to be deployed in the Amazon in an attempt to fight a record number of forest fires. 25 августа 2019, 13:11
44 824
14 часов 7:45
Boris Johnson says the chances of a Brexit deal are 'improving'
Boris Johnson has told Sky News the chances of a Brexit deal are "improving" now his messages on the Irish border backstop have "landed". 25 августа 2019, 12:16
49 579
1 день 2:53
World leaders set to meet at a heated G7 Summit
Boris Johnson is heading to his first international summit as prime minister, he will have a strong warning for President Trump that the NHS and food standards would not be put at risk to secure a | 24 августа 2019, 14:25
9 602
1 день 2:06
Tusk: Boris Johnson must not become 'Mr No Deal'
Donald Tusk insists he will not cooperate with the UK on a no-deal Brexit and says Boris Johnson will not want to go down in history as Mr 'No Deal'. 24 августа 2019, 13:14
17 651
2 дня 17:36
Chinese official defends 'excessive force' of Hong Kong police
A Chinese embassy minister has spoken to Sky News about whether Beijing will use live ammunition to stop violent Hong Kong protests. 23 августа 2019, 21:32
12 908
2 дня 2:25
The Amazon fires: Why it matters
The fires in the Amazon are started to clear the forest for farming. They usually go out naturally but there are so many this year that isn't happening so quickly. 23 августа 2019, 21:09
4 144
2 дня 2:30
Hong Kong protests: Holding hands for democracy
30 years ago, two million people from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined hands and made a human chain that stretched for 600 kilometres. 23 августа 2019, 20:37
29 961
2 дня 2:48
World leaders call for action to stop Amazon wildfires
The raging fires in the Amazon rainforest have been branded "heartbreaking" and "an international crisis" by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 23 августа 2019, 17:54
125 318
2 дня 10:06
Thames Valley Police hold tribute for PC Harper
Thames Valley Police held the tribute at 11am and police officers across the country joined the act of remembrance. 23 августа 2019, 12:26
2 278
2 дня 3:38
'Coming here is mental torture' - Families forced to live in shipping containers
Lulu Akubaker tells Sky News the converted shipping container she lives in is not fit for her family. She was offered it as temporary accommodation by the local council. 23 августа 2019, 11:53
11 338
3 дня 2:49
Corbyn searching for allies to block no-deal Brexit
The Labour leader has doubled down on his plea to senior MPs to team-up to avoid a no-deal. 22 августа 2019, 20:52
16 475
3 дня 2:24
Outcry grows over Amazon fires
The environment minister of Brazil has been booed and heckled as he took to the stage at a UN climate change conference. 22 августа 2019, 20:36
18 250
3 дня 3:26
Macron to Johnson: No new Brexit deal in next 30 days
There were signs the battle over the Brexit backstop could be set to soften. 22 августа 2019, 20:15
35 955
3 дня 16:42
Channel 4 news boss: Boris Johnson is a 'known liar'
The head of news and current affairs at Channel 4 has called Boris Johnson a "known liar" who is copying Putin's approach to the media and says it's the responsibility of broadcasters to challenge | 22 августа 2019, 15:33
25 095
3 дня 9:11
Macron: Irish backstop 'indispensable' to Brexit deal
French president Emmanuel Macron has told Boris Johnson he believes the Irish backstop is "indispensable" to any Brexit deal with the EU. 22 августа 2019, 12:59
30 614
3 дня 2:24
Microplastics found in UK tap water
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for urgent research into the risks of microplastics to human health, after confirming that tiny fragments are found in tap water. 22 августа 2019, 12:16
5 357
3 дня 12:58
‘My autism gave me superpowers’
How good is your ‘a-dar’? Comedian and cabaret performer Ria Lina only realised she was autistic after someone else told her at the end of a gig. 22 августа 2019, 12:00
3 140
4 дня 3:35
PM given 30 days to find a backstop solution
"The Backstop has got to go" that was the uncompromising message from Boris Johnson as he began his first foreign trip as Prime Minister. 21 августа 2019, 21:43
12 516
4 дня 2:59
Greenland row: Donald Trump attacks 'nasty' Danish PM
Donald Trump has engaged in an increasingly bitter war of words with the Danish Prime Minister after she dismissed his unexpected bid to buy Greenland as "absurd". 21 августа 2019, 21:12
92 563
4 дня 2:31
Bury Football Club on the brink of extinction
Bury have fielded a team through every football league season for the last 125 years. 21 августа 2019, 21:03
8 847
4 дня 2:42
China confirms British government worker detained
The Foreign Office says it is "extremely concerned" about a British consulate worker who is being detained by China. 21 августа 2019, 20:55
28 460
5 дней 3:00
Epstein scandal: Where is Prince Andrew?
There has been no sign of Prince Andrew since video emerged of him inside the New York apartment of his friend Jeffrey Epstein who, at the time it was filmed in 2010, was a convicted sex offender. 20 августа 2019, 21:10
133 896
5 дней 4:52
Jihadi Jack: 'Free me so I can fight against Islamic radicalisation'
The former jihadi who was stripped of his British citizenship after joining the Islamic State has warned other young people not to follow in his footsteps. 20 августа 2019, 20:40
6 993
5 дней 2:42
British government worker 'detained in China'
A Foreign Office staff member reportedly told his girlfriend to "pray for me" moments before he disappeared trying to travel from Shenzhen in China, back to Hong Kong. 20 августа 2019, 19:56
7 792
5 дней 2:15
Man denies 'horrific murder' of PC Andrew Harper
The man accused of killing PC Andrew Harper has denied any involvement in his "horrific murder". 20-year-old Jed Foster made his first appearance in court but wasn't asked to enter a plea. 20 августа 2019, 19:41
5 126
5 дней 3:28
Does the EU believe Brexit can be blocked?
Mr Johnson's words are the latest in exchange with European Council President Donald Tusk over the backstop negotiations. 20 августа 2019, 19:35
15 532
5 дней 6:41
John Barnes says racism is a 'social problem'
In an interview with Sky News, John Barns claims that racism is a' problem in society not football' as he defends the FA. 20 августа 2019, 19:13
2 076
6 дней 2:40
Pig-to-human heart transplants 'possible by 2022'
Adapted pig hearts could be transplanted into human patients within three years, according to a pioneering British surgeon. 19 августа 2019, 20:33
6 142
6 дней 2:14
Why has Trump offered to buy Greenland?
Donald Trump has confirmed he is interested in buying Greenland, saying it would be "essentially a large real estate deal". 19 августа 2019, 20:07
232 990
6 дней 2:19
Bomb which 'intended to murder police' explodes
Officers have escaped injury after a bomb exploded in Northern Ireland, which police say was a "deliberate attempt" to lure them there "to murder them". 19 августа 2019, 14:18
21 129
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