12 часов 25:22
Economist: A.I. Coming for Your Job?
Your job could soon be replaced by artificial intelligence. Economist Richard Wolff says before we embrace A.I. 21 июля 2019, 22:00
15 809
1 день 26:54
On Contact: UK alternative media with Kerry-Anne Mendoza
On Contact host, Chris Hedges talks to Kerry-Anne Mendoza, editor-in-chief of The Canary. 20 июля 2019, 22:00
9 622
2 дня 3:43
Russian cosmonaut answers: Was moon landing faked?
Rick Sanchez takes us through the five questions about the moon landing and reveals what a Russian cosmonaut says when asked about it. 20 июля 2019, 0:30
124 335
2 дня 5:48
How Israel indoctrinates schoolchildren
Miko Peled, Israeli veteran, author and human rights activist, joins Rick Sanchez to share his insights into what he calls the “systemic racism” and anti-Palestinian caricaturing that pervades | 19 июля 2019, 23:30
16 983
2 дня 3:54
India, Turkey eyeing super-advanced SU-57 fighters
India is considering the purchase of Russian SU-57 fighters. Turkey has voiced interest in doing the same if Washington makes good on its threat to halt the sale of F-35s to Ankara. 19 июля 2019, 23:00
41 487
2 дня 6:13
Will Tennessee honor KKK grand wizard?
Confederate Army General Nathan Bedford Forrest, an early leader of the Ku Klux Klan who had committed atrocities during the Civil War, still has his own day of honor in the State of Tennessee, the | 19 июля 2019, 22:30
7 634
2 дня 6:37
Governor’s lewd texts outrage Puerto Ricans
Demonstrators are taking to the streets of Puerto Rico against Governor Ricardo Rosselló and calling for his resignation. 19 июля 2019, 22:15
6 178
2 дня 5:03
Iran: US shot down 'its own drone'
Tehran has refuted Washington’s claim to have shot down an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz. RT America’s Michele Greenstein joins Rick Sanchez with the details. 19 июля 2019, 22:00
71 668
2 дня 27:51
Jesse Ventura: “The US and Russia are competing to sell weapons to Turkey.”
Jesse Ventura and producer Brigida Santos discuss the future of NATO as Turkey accepts Russia’s S-400 weapons defense system in defiance of the United States. 19 июля 2019, 21:48
8 796
2 дня 2:59
Ace Watkins wants to be the first Gamer President in 2020
Here I go, meddling again! 19 июля 2019, 21:34
2 099
2 дня 3:15
China fed up, goes after Iran sanctions
Christy Ai, host of “Boom Bust,” joins Rick Sanchez to discuss China’s fury over US overtures to Taiwan and Washington’s arming of the island nation with US weapons. 19 июля 2019, 21:30
52 027
2 дня 4:51
China furious over Taiwan visit to US
Beijing has issued a harsh condemnation of US belligerence in the Middle East, criticizing US “long-arm” tactics against Iran. 19 июля 2019, 21:01
28 734
2 дня 4:11
WATCH: Stunning bicycle kick at Italian beach soccer match
Italian soccer star Gabriele Gori made an incredible bicycle kick goal for his squad during Beach Soccer Serie A game. Gori plays for Tuscan team Viareggio who won the match 7-5 over Catania. 19 июля 2019, 19:53
3 810
2 дня 28:18
FULL SHOW: Iran denies US destroyed Iranian drone
Iran denies President Trump's claims that a US warship destroyed an Iranian drone near the Persian Gulf. 19 июля 2019, 19:49
9 853
2 дня 5:36
Berkeley makes gender neutrality the law
This week, leaders in the city of Berkeley, California, unanimously voted to replace about 40 gender-specific words in the city code with gender-neutral terms. 19 июля 2019, 19:34
5 667
2 дня 5:55
FaceApp sets off Russia hysteria – Ben Swann
The FaceApp application uses neural network technology to alter human faces, making them older, younger, or changing gender. But some fear the app could install malware to track and gather user data. 19 июля 2019, 19:28
10 461
2 дня 5:36
STUNNING: US offers F-16 jets to Venezuela’s neighbor – report
In an exclusive report published in “Foreign Policy,” the US Air Force is considering offering Colombia the latest version of Lockheed Martin's F-16 fighter jets. 19 июля 2019, 19:23
22 203
2 дня 5:25
Unpopular Macron wants to ‘conquer space’ – Galloway
French President Emmanuel Macron recently announced the creation of a new space command” aimed at protecting French satellites. 19 июля 2019, 19:18
4 470
3 дня 2:14
50 years after Moon landing, youth losing hope
Rick Sanchez reflects on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 voyage to the Moon and offers his personal recollection of seeing the news as a young boy. 19 июля 2019, 2:15
11 176
3 дня 3:25
How effective are antidepressants? New research
Danish researchers are questioning the effectiveness of anti-depressant drugs after discovering a high degree of systemic distortion and “poor quality studies” which make the drugs seem more | 19 июля 2019, 2:00
13 252
3 дня 2:32
US shoot-down: How close to war with Iran?
President Trump announced that the USS Boxer shot down an Iranian drone over the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday. 19 июля 2019, 1:30
26 249
3 дня 7:57
Iran, Venezuela are why US attacking crypto; explained
Bartlett Naylor, finance advocate for Public Citizen’s Congress Watch joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the Trump administration’s allegation that digital currency poses a national security risk. 19 июля 2019, 1:00
56 929
3 дня 13:48
Why Epstein is being called a foreign asset
A federal judge denied bail to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on Thursday ahead of his sex-trafficking trial. 19 июля 2019, 0:30
331 264
3 дня 6:01
Accused of sex-trafficking Epstein denied bail
Former Georgia state Rep. LaDawn Jones joins Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss the denial of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s bail ahead of his sex-trafficking trial. 18 июля 2019, 23:15
7 013
3 дня 6:54
Congress to probe Pentagon’s insect biowarfare program
The US Congress has backed an amendment to the 2020 US Defense budget which could force an investigation into allegations that the Pentagon had weaponized insects, including ticks, in a secret | 18 июля 2019, 23:00
8 093
3 дня 6:39
Exorcism in Congress amid mounting partisan hatred
Rev. Pat Conroy, chaplain of the US House of Representatives performed a prayer on Thursday wherein he “cast out all spirits of darkness” on the floor of the House. 18 июля 2019, 22:45
4 253
3 дня 2:02
‘Alien spire’ on Moon fires imaginations
Nearly 20-year-old images of a mysterious 4-mile high “spire” or “tower” photographed on the Moon are being seen by the public for the first time. 18 июля 2019, 22:30
22 764
3 дня 9:32
Iran drives OPEC’s oil production to record low
OPEC controls approximately 80 percent of the world’s oil supply. But political tension over Iran has caused the cartel’s output to drop to its lowest levels since 2015. Sara Montes de Oca reports. 18 июля 2019, 22:30
59 715
3 дня 4:51
NASA wants first woman on Moon by 2024
This week marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 voyage to the Moon. President Trump has asked Congress to fund a return trip, which may cost up to $30 billion to achieve. 18 июля 2019, 22:00
2 293
3 дня 5:19
BREAKING: US shoots down Iranian drone
President Trump announced that the USS Boxer “immediately destroyed” an Iranian drone that strayed too close to the warship in the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday. RT America’s Sayeh Tavangar joins News. 18 июля 2019, 21:22
31 027
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