6 дней 1:32
Legally Blind Mom Regains Independence Thanks to New Device
A legally blind mother of two is reclaiming her independence because of a brand-new device. When Holly Bonner, 39, lost her vision in 2012, she was devastated. 19 августа 2019, 20:59
73 290
6 дней 1:05
Students Greet Teacher With Sign Language
A group of New Jersey second graders are already fluent in sign language. Kim Peyton, who is deaf, began teaching her special education and general ed students sign language last year. 19 августа 2019, 18:04
134 367
6 дней 1:16
Iceland Holds Funeral for a Glacier
Iceland just held a funeral for a glacier. The country's prime minister and environment minister helped mourn the loss of the Okjokull glacier. 19 августа 2019, 17:27
162 323
6 дней 1:04
Artistic Hairdresser Draws Lenny Kravitz Using Hair Clippings
It's enough to make your hair stand up. Svetlana Grozdanovska is a hairdresser in Macedonia, who uses the leftover hair from her clients to make art out of some of the most famous people in the world. 19 августа 2019, 16:04
62 395
6 дней 1:24
Why This 99-Year-Old Just Can't Stop Dancing
You may be able to two-step, but dare you try the tango? Inside of the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina, competition is stiff. More than 700 couples square off to take top prize. 19 августа 2019, 15:28
62 249
7 дней 1:15
Who Is the Mystery Couple in These Wedding Pictures?
Michael Trollman was scanning a California beach with his metal detector when he came across a different type of treasure. He found an SD card containing wedding pictures and video. 18 августа 2019, 21:49
503 755
7 дней 1:27
Is the 'Bobcat Burglar' the Klutziest Thief Ever?
A klutzy crook has Columbus cops cracking up. 18 августа 2019, 20:48
253 196
7 дней 3:07
Buying Greenland: Trump's Most Insane Real Estate Deal Yet?
The Wall Street Journal reports that President Trump has expressed interest in purchasing Greenland. 18 августа 2019, 19:49
198 645
7 дней 4:11
Lisa Guerrero Reveals Talent for Writing Country Music
Inside Edition's Lisa Guerrero spends her days chasing bad guys, but in between it all, she found time to write a country music song. 18 августа 2019, 19:38
104 221
7 дней 1:51
2-Year-Old Girl and Mom Discover New Species of Bug
Little Sylvie Beckers made a scientific breakthrough. It began while she was gardening with her mom at their Kentucky home three years ago. 18 августа 2019, 16:14
572 158
7 дней 11:45
14-Year-Old Makes $2.2 Million Running Her Own Candy Empire
Alina Morse, 14, is the CEO of her own sweets empire, Zolli Candy, which makes treats that are actually good for your teeth. 18 августа 2019, 11:08
384 547
7 дней 8:08
Inside Ted Kennedy’s Final Days
Ten years ago, Ted Kennedy passed away from cancer at 77. The youngest member of the Kennedy clan, Ted’s life saw much heartbreak as he buried his brothers, President John F. 18 августа 2019, 2:53
63 205
8 дней 1:02
Teen Caught Destroying Sand Sculpture at Iconic Hawaii Hotel
Police say a teen girl was caught on camera defacing a sand sculpture in a luxury Hawaiian resort Monday night. 17 августа 2019, 19:19
1 726 959
8 дней 1:25
Save Money on Back-to-School Supplies With Budget Mom’s Tips
It's back-to-school shopping, the Budget Mom's way. Miko Love is armed with a list of required back-to-school supplies for her 7-year-old son, and she says she can get everything for just a few bucks. 17 августа 2019, 19:18
290 494
8 дней 10:22
KittyPlays Reveals How to Make Money on Twitch | The Breakdown Ep. 9
The Breakdown host Luke Mones brings us an interview with gamer KittyPlays, who shares how quitting school and moving back to her family’s basement was the best career decision she ever made. 17 августа 2019, 12:00
218 148
9 дней 1:35
Woodstock Couple Find 1st Photo Together 50 Years Later
One couple has special reason to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock: They met on their way there! 16 августа 2019, 22:35
206 139
9 дней 1:31
Boy Patrols Neighborhood After 'Bandits' Steal Toy Tesla
Bandits, watch out! Officer Jack is hot on your trail. The 5-year-old is keeping watch over his Phoenix, Arizona, neighborhood, patrolling in his miniature Tesla. 16 августа 2019, 22:32
338 070
9 дней 1:31
Trump Fat-Shames His Own Supporter
The not-so-skinny president fat-shamed a protester Thursday night in Manchester, New Hampshire. “That guy has a weight problem. 16 августа 2019, 22:32
179 915
9 дней 1:08
Elizabeth Smart’s Father Comes Out as Gay on Facebook
The father of kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart has come out as gay. Ed Smart, 64, recently came out in a Facebook post to friends and family. 16 августа 2019, 22:32
108 777
9 дней 1:33
Rice Cookers Left at NYC Subway Station Cause Panic
The NYPD released the photo of a man they are trying to locate after a series of suspicious items were placed inside a subway station and on the street Friday morning. 16 августа 2019, 22:29
502 998
9 дней 1:14
This Robotic Tail Could Help People With Balance Problems
Evolution didn't leave humans with tails, but science is attempting to change that. Japanese researchers say some people, especially the elderly, could benefit from an extra appendage. 16 августа 2019, 22:25
117 172
9 дней 1:35
Plane Passenger Beat Ground Control at Rock-Paper-Scissors
A flight delay started a little friendly competition. A ground control agent at a New Jersey airport was trying to entertain the people stuck on the tarmac while waiting for their plane to take off. 16 августа 2019, 19:07
674 232
9 дней 1:21
Boy Gets to Work at Target on 5th Birthday
One boy's birthday wish came true when he got to be a Target employee for the day. 16 августа 2019, 19:06
268 923
10 дней 1:01
Dad Chokes to Death During Taco-Eating Competition
A California taco-eating contest ended tragically when a man died. 15 августа 2019, 22:13
376 453
10 дней 1:23
'Hollywood Ripper' Guilty of Killing Ashton Kutcher's Date
Jurors have found the man known as the "Hollywood Ripper" guilty of first-degree murder in the fatal stabbing of two women, as well as premeditated attempted murder in the attempted killing of | 15 августа 2019, 22:10
155 676
10 дней 1:44
This Is the Longest Tunnel in the World
Inside Edition went hundreds of feet underground to get an up-close look at a $1 billion repair project on the biggest tunnel in the world. 15 августа 2019, 21:55
509 301
10 дней 2:03
Some Onlookers Throw Trash at Cops Amid Standoff
Philadelphia police were being taunted and heckled during Wednesday’s wild eight-hour siege with a gunman in the city. Some onlookers surrounded the officers, pelting them with garbage. 15 августа 2019, 21:48
197 475
10 дней 1:25
Do Broken Bones in Jeffrey Epstein's Neck Suggest Foul Play?
The mystery surrounding Jeffrey Epstein's death in jail has deepened after an autopsy reportedly revealed injuries usually found in murder victims. 15 августа 2019, 21:42
92 951
10 дней 1:56
Woman Kicks Alleged Attacker After She’s Thrown to Ground
A San Francisco woman had to fight for her life after a crazed man attacked her in the lobby of her building. 15 августа 2019, 21:40
1 992 525
10 дней 1:14
Husband Comforts Wife After She’s Bitten by Alligator
The 911 call regarding a South Carolina woman who was attacked by an alligator has been released. “My wife was attacked by an alligator in the backyard,” her frantic husband told the 911 operator. 15 августа 2019, 21:39
224 163
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