20 часов 1:02
How Sharon Tate’s ‘60s Style Was Recreated for Margot Robbie
Actress Margot Robbie transforms into '60s style icon Sharon Tate for the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film, "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.”  Lauren Lepire is the owner of Timeless Vixen and helped | 21 июля 2019, 13:22
78 500
20 часов 1:20
Babies With Flat Head Syndrome Get Fun Helmets
These babies know that you don't have to stop having fun while you're healing. They all have flat head syndrome and get to sport stylish helmets thanks to one artistic granny. 21 июля 2019, 13:22
140 610
20 часов 12:12
What Really Happened When We Visited an Alien Abductees Support Group | The Breakdown Ep. 5
Host Luke Mones is back with a new episode of The Breakdown, and he’s exploring the unexplained. 21 июля 2019, 13:00
48 039
1 день 7:18
The Most Terrifying Serial Killer You've Never Heard Of
In 2012, police arrested a man named Israel Keyes in connection with the death of a barista in Alaska. 20 июля 2019, 13:54
277 646
1 день 1:20
How Your Phone Can Emit a Potentially Harmful Blue Light
Did you know your cellphone is emitting a potentially harmful blue light?  Entrepreneur Gigi Mortimer noticed her son, Nick, couldn’t get to sleep after being on his phone. 20 июля 2019, 13:44
145 060
1 день 1:15
How Do You Keep Your Elephant Cool?
How do you keep an elephant cool? Pretty much they way you would expect: with ice and plenty of hose baths. 20 июля 2019, 13:44
115 442
2 дня 1:13
Fight to Release ASAP Rocky From Swedish Prison
President Trump said he has received a flood of appeals to help secure the release of ASAP Rocky after the American rapper was arrested in Sweden. 19 июля 2019, 21:33
202 656
2 дня 1:31
'Cats' Trailer's Digital Fur Tech Gives People Nightmares
Nearly 40 years after its Broadway debut, "Cats" is coming to the silver screen. But despite the film adaptation's star-studded cast, its first trailer is getting mixed reviews. 19 июля 2019, 21:32
178 068
2 дня 1:14
Woman Gives Man in Suit Piggyback to Avoid Flooding
One New Jersey commuter was caught in a flood and had to be rescued by an apparent total stranger. 19 июля 2019, 21:32
213 255
2 дня 1:34
20-Year-Old Says Plan to Storm Area 51 Was Just a Joke
A 20-year-old college student is behind the plan to storm Area 51, and he is now saying the idea was just a joke. 19 июля 2019, 21:25
625 670
2 дня 1:39
How to Stay Cool in Extreme Heat
Searing heat is blanketing much of the U.S., putting millions in danger. 19 июля 2019, 21:25
170 196
2 дня 1:49
The Best Cold Foods to Eat in Scorching Heat
When the mercury rises, the last thing you want to do is turn on the stove. Thankfully, chef Zac Young has some cool food ideas to keep you eating well during the heat wave. 19 июля 2019, 21:18
61 860
2 дня 1:13
Convicted Murderer Deemed Too Old to Kill Stabs Woman
A 77-year-old Maine man deemed by a judge to be too old to be a threat has been convicted of stabbing a mother to death in front of her twin sons. 19 июля 2019, 21:16
199 364
2 дня 2:16
Arson Suspect Identified in Kyoto Anime Fire
The day after a fire killed dozens at a Japanese animation studio, anime fans are mourning and trying to make sense of the tragedy. 19 июля 2019, 18:37
224 099
2 дня 1:01
Tiger Hides in Family's Home to Escape Flood
A tiger made itself at home in a family's house to take shelter from severe flooding. It happened in a wildlife sanctuary in northeast India. 19 июля 2019, 18:04
227 856
2 дня 1:27
Kids Sell Lemonade to Find Cure for Dad's Mystery Illness
These kids are raising money with a lemonade stand to help their dad, Virgil Garrison III. He believes something is wrong with his brain ever since he was in a car crash many years ago. 19 июля 2019, 17:29
87 189
2 дня 1:36
Sisters Read Bedtime Stories to Kids on Facebook Live
Sisters Zaria and Hailey Willard are reading bedtime stories to children online. Their goal is to help children get a bedtime story if their parents are busy and to help raise literacy statistics. 19 июля 2019, 17:07
49 188
2 дня 2:33
Freezing Your Sheets Is One Way to Beat Summer Heat Wave
With temperatures soaring into the triple digits across the country, it's a battle to stay cool. What happens if your air conditioner breaks? 19 июля 2019, 13:37
277 576
3 дня 2:07
911 Called on Black Realtor Showing Home for Sale
Cops raced into action after a man called 911 to report a Cincinnati home had just been broken into back in November. “The house is for sale, but it's not an open house today. 18 июля 2019, 21:49
299 461
3 дня 1:01
16-Year-Old Bit by Shark Gets ‘Jaws’ T-Shirt
A 16-year-old Florida girl is in good spirits after surviving a shark attack. Jackie Jozaitis said she was boogie-boarding when she felt a sharp pain. 18 июля 2019, 21:27
180 977
3 дня 1:14
Katy Perry Is Accused of Plagiarizing ‘Dark Horse’
Did Katy Perry plagiarize the beat of her 2013 hit "Dark Horse”? 18 июля 2019, 21:27
288 038
3 дня 1:02
6-Year-Old Hysterically Throws Tantrum at Baseball Game
A pint-size baseball coach was not happy with an umpire's call. Coach Drake Livingston, 6, is an honorary coach with the Kalamazoo Growlers in Michigan and a huge hit at the games. 18 июля 2019, 21:27
142 509
3 дня 1:48
Why Teen Took His Senior Portraits in His Bathrobe
Evan Dennison, 17, thinks that most senior portraits are too stuffy. So when it came time to take his own, the Portage, Indiana, teen whipped out a reliable favorite. 18 июля 2019, 20:55
85 635
3 дня 1:05
'Dragon Ball' Fans Set World Record Performing Kamehameha
Some hardcore "Dragon Ball" fans joined forces to set a world record. Guinness has certified that the event was the most people performing a Kamehameha. 18 июля 2019, 20:14
56 387
3 дня 1:06
Dad of K-Pop Singer Samuel Found Dead
The father of K-pop star Samuel was found dead in Mexico. Jose Arredondo, who was from Bakersfield, California, was found slain in a home he owned in Cabo San Lucas. 18 июля 2019, 19:19
196 615
3 дня 1:23
Who Stole Sammy? Refuge Pleads for Return of Bald Eagle
People on Long Island, New York, are pleading for the safe return of Sammy the bald eagle, a beloved bird who has lived at the the Quogue Wildlife Refuge since 1988. 18 июля 2019, 18:47
81 443
3 дня 1:18
What Caused Fire That Killed Dozens at Anime Studio?
At least 33 people have been confirmed dead in a fire at the Kyoto Animation Company in Japan. Thick smoke poured into the sky as first responders worked to extinguish the blaze and help survivors. 18 июля 2019, 17:46
202 610
3 дня 2:24
5,000 Rockets Launched at Once for World Record Attempt
It was a countdown to what many hope will be a new world record. 18 июля 2019, 15:57
115 266
3 дня 1:41
Rescuers Save Toddler on Runaway Duck Float
Rescuers raced to save a toddler swept out on a runaway inflatable duck float. It happened on Lake Michigan, far from shore. 18 июля 2019, 13:57
357 060
3 дня 1:53
13-Year-Old Shot 7 Times Says ‘It’s a Miracle’
Ella Whistler, 13, was in science class at her Noblesville, Indiana, high school, when a classmate pulled out a gun. 18 июля 2019, 13:17
500 735
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