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Hong Kong: police fire teargas after protesters throw molotov cocktails at government HQ
Hong Kong police fired water cannon and teargas at protesters who lobbed molotov cocktails outside the Hong Kong government office complex Sunday. 15 сентября 2019, 13:07
2 часа 1:23
Hong Kong protesters sing 'God Save The Queen' in plea to Britain
Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters sang God Save the Queen and waved the Union Jack as they rallied outside the British Consulate on Sunday demanding that the UK ensures China honours its commitments | 15 сентября 2019, 10:30
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Zimbabwe holds state funeral for Robert Mugabe in capital Harare
Foreign leaders, supporters and ordinary citizens gathered at a national stadium in Harare on Saturday to bid farewell to Zimbabwe's founder Robert Mugabe. 14 сентября 2019, 16:40
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21 час 1:15
Spain floods: entire towns submerged after south-east battered by severe storms
At least six people have died as a result of record-breaking rain in south-east Spain over the past two days. 14 сентября 2019, 16:04
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Pro-democracy protesters clash with Beijing supporters after standoff in Hong Kong mall
Rival groups of protesters clash in the Amoy Plaza mall in another weekend of mass demonstrations after months of political unrest. 14 сентября 2019, 12:30
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Saudi Arabia: major fire at world's largest oil refinery after drone attack
Drones attacked the world's largest oil processing facility in Saudi Arabia and a major oilfield operated by Saudi Aramco early on Saturday, the kingdom's interior ministry said, sparking a huge | 14 сентября 2019, 12:00
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1 день 2:24:59
Greta Thunberg joins students outside the White House - watch live
Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg joins Washington DC-area students outside the White House to call for action on climate change. 13 сентября 2019, 18:44
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1 день 2:22:07
DC students join Thunberg during climate crisis protest - watch live
Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► bit.ly/guardianwiressub Support the Guardian ► support.theguardian.com/contribute Today in Focus podcast ► | 13 сентября 2019, 18:44
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1 день 1:06
Donald Trump blames lightbulbs for his orange hue
Donald Trump has blamed energy-efficient lightbulbs for his sometimes orange appearance. 13 сентября 2019, 16:14
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1 день 0:46
Extinction Rebellion protesters stage 'die-in' outside London fashion week venue
Climate emergency activists protest against the environmental impact of the fashion industry by gluing themselves to the doors of the venue, while others lie in a pool of fake blood. 13 сентября 2019, 15:17
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1 день 1:10:36
Boris Johnson delivers speech in Rotherham - as it happened
In a speech in Rotherham, the PM is expected to promise northern communities “control over the things that matter to them”, and a new Northern Powerhouse growth body to drive the region’s economy. 13 сентября 2019, 13:54
13 583
2 дня 0:46
'Why aren't you in parliament?' Boris Johnson heckled in Rotherham
A protester was ejected as the prime minister made a speech in Rotherham on Friday. 13 сентября 2019, 13:24
70 965
2 дня 0:20
Boris Johnson confronted in Doncaster: 'You have cheek to come here'
The prime minister was confronted by a resident during a walkabout in Doncaster, who said he had ‘cheek’ to come to the town. 13 сентября 2019, 12:44
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2 дня 1:46
David Littleproud's flip flop on climate science
Australia's minister responsible for drought and natural disasters, David Littleproud, has made contradictory statements days apart over his acceptance of manmade climate change. 13 сентября 2019, 9:41
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2 дня 3:05
US election 2020: highlights from the third Democratic presidential debate
The candidates gathered in Houston, Texas, for the latest Democratic debate represented the top tier of the large field campaigning for the party’s 2020 nomination. 13 сентября 2019, 7:51
119 172
2 дня 1:42
Beto O'Rourke on gun control: 'Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15'
Presidential contender Beto O'Rourke does not shy away from saying he would require citizens to turn in their military-style weapons when asked about gun control during Thursday night's Democratic | 13 сентября 2019, 5:08
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2 дня 0:36
Castro questions Biden's memory during third Democrat debate
In one of the sharpest skirmishes of the evening, former housing and urban development secretary Julián Castro alluded to voter concerns about former vice-president Joe Biden's age. 13 сентября 2019, 5:01
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Extreme rainfall triggers flooding in parts of Spain
Parts of eastern Spain have received what in some places was the heaviest rainfall on record, as storms wreaked widespread destruction and killed at least two people. 12 сентября 2019, 19:31
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2 дня 1:04
Irish backstop: UK offers no 'credible' alternatives, says EU parliament chief
The head of the EU parliament David Sassoli said the parliament were prepared to look over agreements again, but would have the final say on a backstop proposal. 12 сентября 2019, 18:36
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2 дня 1:58:13
House judiciary committee considers steps for Trump's impeachment – watch live
House judiciary committee considers steps to formalize an investigation that could lead to the impeachment of President Donald Trump Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► | 12 сентября 2019, 18:10
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2 дня 1:38
Australia bushfires: hundreds evacuated in worst start to fire season on record
Firefighters are battling fires in northern New South Wales and Queensland with dozens of blazes still burning out of control. 12 сентября 2019, 15:46
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3 дня 1:15
Boris Johnson says claims he lied to Queen are 'absolutely not' true
The PM has denied lying to the Queen over the suspension of parliament, insisting such claims were ‘absolutely not’ true. 12 сентября 2019, 11:26
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3 дня 1:04
‘Stop putting kids in jail’: Indigenous boy asks the UN to help end youth incarceration
'I came here to speak to you because the Australian government is not listening', 12-year-old Indigenous boy Dujuan Hoosan told the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. 12 сентября 2019, 8:30
2 802
3 дня 0:47
New Zealand firefighters perform haka to pay tribute to 9/11 first responders
Firefighters in New Zealand have paid tribute to the first responders to the September 11 attacks in New York by performing the haka, a ceremonial Māori dance, in honour of the victims. 12 сентября 2019, 8:24
10 231
3 дня 0:44
Trump plans e-cigarette ban to combat teen vaping
Donald Trump has said his administration will propose banning thousands of flavours used in e-cigarettes to combat a recent surge in underage vaping. 12 сентября 2019, 5:10
173 043
3 дня 0:46
Boris Johnson says he would not accept a Northern Ireland-only backstop
Boris Johnson has rejected the idea of using a Northern Ireland-only backstop to solve the Brexit impasse, dismissing the idea during a stage-managed Downing Street event in which he answered | 11 сентября 2019, 18:18
33 123
3 дня 0:41
Jeremy Corbyn: Labour should not prioritise referendum over general election
Speaking during a visit to Walsall College on Wednesday, Jeremy Corbyn said Labour’s priority was to stop a no-deal Brexit, followed by a general election and then a public vote on any new EU | 11 сентября 2019, 17:49
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3 дня 1:11
‘Glory to Hong Kong’: Hundreds gather to sing protest ‘anthem’
Protesters in Hong Kong gathered in shopping malls across the territory in support of the pro-democracy movement. 11 сентября 2019, 17:28
85 122
3 дня 1:43
'Immediately cease the unlawful prorogation': Nicola Sturgeon reacts to court ruling
Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, said: 'We have a court saying that the prorogation of parliament was unlawful, that it's null and void, so it seems to me that the prime minister, the | 11 сентября 2019, 16:30
16 256
3 дня 1:28
Tom Watson says PM is 'disgraceful' and calls for referendum before election
The deputy Labour party leader said Boris Johnson was 'worse than Thatcher' in a speech at the Creative Industries Federation in London on Wednesday as he called for a referendum before a general | 11 сентября 2019, 14:22
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