3 часа 6:09
How are conservative groups working to influence Supreme Court nominations?
A new investigation from the Washington Post is taking a closer look at the role the non-profit Federalist Society and its executive vice president, Leonard Leo, play in influencing Supreme Court | 23 мая 2019, 3:43
4 часа 4:24
Dressbarn latest in nationwide retail store closure wave
Dressbarn has announced that it will close all of its about 650 store nationwide, meaning thousands could be out of a job. More and more retailers are closing brick and mortar stores. 23 мая 2019, 2:16
1 308
5 часов 6:15
Hope of bipartisanship fades after Trump ends infrastructure meeting with Democrats
President Trump walked out of an infrastructure meeting with top Democrats Wednesday, telling them he won't work with their party until they drop investigations of him in half a dozen house | 23 мая 2019, 1:43
1 312
5 часов 0:29
N.Y. lawmakers pass bill to let Congress obtain Trump's tax returns
New York lawmakers gave final passage to legislation Wednesday that would allow President Trump's state tax returns to be released to congressional committees that have, so far, been barred from | 23 мая 2019, 1:33
3 029
5 часов 0:39
Probe into Ralph Northam's yearbook photo deemed inconclusive
Lawyers who investigated how a racist photo appeared on Virginia Gov. 23 мая 2019, 1:33
3 867
6 часов 5:37
Gretchen Carlson speaks on the evolution of #MeToo as McDonald's workers protest sexual harassment
Former Fox News Host Gretchen Carlson shown a light on workplace harassment at McDonald's in her documentary "Breaking the Silence." As demonstrators took to the streets to protest the company | 23 мая 2019, 1:04
6 часов 1:39
N.Y. judge overturns conviction of innocent man who spent 33 years in prison
A Long Island judge on Wednesday overturned the conviction of a man who spent 33 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. 23 мая 2019, 1:00
1 519
6 часов 1:16
McDonald's workers say they feel unsafe on the job
As McDonald's holds its annual meeting, employees across the country protest the restaurant chain's working conditions. 23 мая 2019, 0:31
2 376
6 часов 3:54
Sixth migrant child dies after crossing U.S. border
CBS News has confirmed the 2018 death of a migrant child. Following Monday's death of a 16-year-old who was in U.S. custody, the total number of children who have died after crossing the U.S. 23 мая 2019, 0:27
1 293
6 часов 2:51
Sixth migrant child died last year in U.S. care
An official confirmed to CBS News a sixth migrant child died after crossing the U.S. border. The 10-year-old girl died in U.S. custody back in September. Omar Villafranca has the latest. 23 мая 2019, 0:22
6 часов 1:06
Russian fighter jets and bombers intercepted off Alaska for 2nd day in a row
U.S. warplanes intercepted Russian bombers and fighter jets off the Alaskan coast for the second day in a row Tuesday, the North American Aerospace Defense Command confirmed early Wednesday morning. 23 мая 2019, 0:20
3 806
6 часов 1:18
Federal judge won't block congressional subpoenas for Trump's bank records
A federal judge rejected President Trump's effort to block congressional subpoenas seeking his financial records from two banks on Wednesday, the second time in a week a judge has ruled in favor of | 23 мая 2019, 0:18
8 620
7 часов 0:46
Harriet Tubman $20 bill won't happen under Trump administration
Don't bet on seeing a Harriet Tubman $20 bill anytime soon. 23 мая 2019, 0:12
28 491
7 часов 1:13
U.K. protesters throw milkshakes at right-wing politicians
In the U.K., demonstrators aren't just hurling insults at politicians - they're hurling milkshakes. 22 мая 2019, 23:53
2 039
7 часов 13:12
Will Stacey Abrams enter the 2020 race?
Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is not among the 24 Democratic cadidates vying for the presidency, but she's rumored to still be considering a run. 22 мая 2019, 23:26
8 часов 1:30
Nevada may become 15th state to join popular vote compact
Nevada could become the 15th state to enact legislation that would allow its electoral votes to be allocated based on the winner of the national popular vote in a presidential election. 22 мая 2019, 23:01
10 457
8 часов 1:33
Busy Philipps talks about her period – and she thinks you should too
Most women still feel uncomfortable talking about menstruation in public, but there's a price to pay for all that silence. 22 мая 2019, 22:58
1 242
8 часов 16:52
New poll has message for Trump and Congress on Russia probe
A majority of Americans feel they have heard enough about the Mueller report, while over one-third wants to hear more, according to a new CBS News poll out Wednesday. 22 мая 2019, 22:47
11 837
8 часов 14:45
Trump presents Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor at White House ceremony
President Trump presented the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor to a number of officers from across the country in the White House East Room on Wednesday. 22 мая 2019, 22:45
8 часов 0:30
Immigrants are avoiding food, medical benefits because of proposed Trump rule
A recent report found that some immigrants — including U.S. citizens — are not participating in government programs due to a so-called "public charge" proposal. 22 мая 2019, 22:31
1 588
10 часов 2:25
How "CBS Evening News" covered New Coke's release in 1985
New Coke was released in 1985 with a formula that drastically differed from Classic Coke. 22 мая 2019, 20:24
2 762
11 часов 2:17
Japan sees sumo championship as way to flatter Trump
President Trump, long a fan of pro wrestling, will get a seat of honor in Tokyo as he attends a national sumo championship. 22 мая 2019, 19:23
1 853
12 часов 9:30
CBS News poll: More Americans give Trump's policies credit for good economy
A recent CBS News poll found that seven in 10 Americans say the economy is in good shape. And more Americans are giving President Trump's policies credit for a strong economy than last year. 22 мая 2019, 19:14
4 853
12 часов 23:17
Pelosi, Schumer slam Trump's "excuse" for bailing on infrastructure
Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer slammed the president for cutting a White House meeting on infrastructure short, citing ongoing investigations into his administration. 22 мая 2019, 18:35
38 232
12 часов 4:24
Dressbarn to close all 650 clothing stores nationwide
Nearly 7,000 employees at the chain will likely lose their jobs. Retail store closings have already outpaced closings from last year. 22 мая 2019, 18:27
2 488
14 часов 12:17
Trump cuts infrastructure meeting short over "cover-up" comment
President Trump addressed reporters Wednesday after speaking briefly at the White House with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Mr. 22 мая 2019, 17:02
20 681
14 часов 3:16
Financial tips for new college grads with student debt
Seventy percent of the class of 2019 will have student loan debt, and it will average more than $33,000. 22 мая 2019, 16:44
2 843
14 часов 48:00
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer speak on Capitol Hill after Trump's announcement, live stream
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are speaking out after President Trump said he wouldn't work with Democrats during their investigations. 22 мая 2019, 16:34
67 562
14 часов 7:07
Ice Cube prepares for BIG3's third season and reflects on John Singleton's life
BIG3 founder Ice Cube joined CBS News to discuss the return of the 3-on-3 basketball league. The rapper also reflected on the life of his friend, colleague and mentor John Singleton. 22 мая 2019, 16:33
14 часов 12:24
Knight Ridder journalists weigh in on U.S.-Iran tensions
The 2017 film "Shock and Awe" shows how a group of journalists exposed major gaps in the Bush administration's justification for the Iraq war. 22 мая 2019, 16:33
3 993
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