3 часа 4:11
Tropical Storm Dorian on path for Caribbean and could become hurricane
A tropical storm watch has been issued in the Caribbean as Tropical Storm Dorian moves west. The National Hurricane Center said it could reach hurricane strength by Tuesday. 25 августа 2019, 23:26
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6 часов 0:44
NASA investigating crime allegedly committed in space
Astronaut Anne McClain is facing the first allegation of a crime committed in space. 25 августа 2019, 21:01
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10 часов 6:46
Trump raises tariffs on Chinese imports
A tit-for-tat spat continued unfolding between the U.S. and China on Friday. China announced new tariffs on $75 billion of U.S. goods. 25 августа 2019, 16:58
9 712
10 часов 5:55
Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg treated for pancreatic cancer
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has just completed three weeks of radiation treatment after a tumor was found on her pancreas. Dr. 25 августа 2019, 16:51
5 606
10 часов 1:21
Colts quarterback Andrew Luck retires from NFL
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck announced his retirement from football at the age of 29. Luck spoke after a preseason game Saturday night, calling his decision the hardest of his life. 25 августа 2019, 16:37
38 042
1 день 4:55
Pete Buttigieg unveils plan to tackle mental health and addiction issues
While campaigning in New Hampshire, South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg unveiled his plan to tackle the growing issue of mental health and drug addiction in America by expanding health care | 24 августа 2019, 21:27
4 421
1 день 4:40
Storms in Atlantic Ocean could impact Greta Thunberg's boat journey
A tropical depression has formed far from shore in the Atlantic Ocean. Another potential storm may form and could bring rain to Florida. 24 августа 2019, 21:25
9 005
1 день 1:55
Florida man found guilty in "stand your ground" shooting
A white Florida man was found guilty of manslaughter Friday for the 2018 shooting death of an unarmed black man. Natalie Brand reports. 24 августа 2019, 17:27
24 625
2 дня 8:25
Cory Booker's campaign manager talks upcoming debate
Cory Booker's campaign manager, Addisu Demissie, spoke with CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns about what's next for the New Jersey Democrat's campaign. 24 августа 2019, 1:15
3 478
2 дня 3:08
Ruth Bader Ginsburg treated for pancreatic tumor
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has undergone 3 weeks of radiation treatment for a tumor on her pancreas, a court statement said. CBS News contributor Dr. 23 августа 2019, 21:20
4 391
2 дня 5:15
What to stream this weekend: "13 Reasons Why," "Power," "On Becoming a God in Central Florida"
TV Guide senior editor Krutika Mallikarjuna joined CBSN to talk about the best shows to stream this weekend: "13 Reasons Why," "Power," "On Becoming a God in Central Florida." Subscribe to the CBS | 23 августа 2019, 17:31
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2 дня 2:13
Chris Murphy "skeptical" gun reform talks with White House will "bear fruit"
Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, says he's skeptical that conversations with the White House about stemming gun violence will "bear fruit." But Murphy said it was his obligation to | 23 августа 2019, 17:30
1 129
2 дня 0:40
Markets drop as China announces tariff hike on U.S. products
The Dow lost more than 1% after China announced a round of retaliatory tariffs on $75 billion of U.S. products. 23 августа 2019, 16:02
4 882
2 дня 7:59
Trump administration extends detention of migrant families with children
A new regulation unveiled by the Trump administration would allow migrant families and their children to be detained longer. 23 августа 2019, 15:43
19 521
2 дня 5:47
Health officials investigate link between vaping and lung illnesses
Federal health officials are investigating a sharp increase in serious lung illnesses that may be linked to vaping. Dr. Janette Nesheiwat joins CBSN to talk about the potential health risks. 23 августа 2019, 15:01
2 823
2 дня 5:40
Small island off Louisiana coast is quickly disappearing
Isle de Jean Charles off the coast of Louisiana has lost more than 90% of its land over the last 60 years. 23 августа 2019, 14:56
7 174
2 дня 3:16
Paul Whelan, American accused of spying in Russia, to remain in prison
An American accused of spying in Russia will remain in prison for two more months. 23 августа 2019, 14:50
20 451
2 дня 5:47
Rival gun groups vying to overtake the NRA
A number of Second Amendment advocacy groups are vying to replace the National Rifle Association as the most powerful gun rights group in America. 23 августа 2019, 14:50
2 725
2 дня 4:22
Seth Moulton drops out of presidential race
Seth Moulton is the third Democratic presidential candidate to drop out of the race in the past week. CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns has more on the latest developments. 23 августа 2019, 14:04
11 817
2 дня 9:14
Jay-Z faces backlash over NFL deal
Rapper and billionaire Jay-Z is getting some backlash for his new partnership with the NFL. The deal is meant to promote a social justice initiative and expand entertainment options for the league. 23 августа 2019, 13:48
12 074
2 дня 2:17
Conservative donor and philanthropist David Koch dead at 79
Billionaire businessman, philanthropist and conservative political activist David Koch has died, CBS News has confirmed. 23 августа 2019, 13:31
9 594
2 дня 5:17
Taliban negotiator speaks with CBS News about peace talks
U.S. and Taliban negotiators met in Qatar for peace talks aimed at ending the conflict in Afghanistan, America's longest war. 23 августа 2019, 13:19
9 221
2 дня 23:08
Kid influencers: Few rules, big money
Being a social media influencer is now considered one of the most popular career aspirations for millennials and Gen Z. 23 августа 2019, 12:07
1 759
2 дня 9:13
The rapidly growing world of youth influencers
Internet culture and social media writer Taylor Lorenz joins CBSN to discuss the rapidly growing industry surrounding social media influencers. Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: youtube. 23 августа 2019, 12:00
1 102
2 дня 6:33
What is it like to manage a youth influencer?
Adam Wescott, a partner at Select Management Group, discusses what it is like to manage the next generation of talent – kid influencers on social media. 23 августа 2019, 12:00
2 дня 0:31
CBSN Originals preview: "Kid Influencers"
This episode of CBSN Originals looks at the lives of three families whose kids are popular influencers on social media. 23 августа 2019, 12:00
2 дня 10:29
Should more be done to protect youth influencers?
Veena Dubal, an associate professor of law at the University of California, Hastings, explains the lack of regulations surrounding youth influencers on social media, and her concerns that parents | 23 августа 2019, 12:00
3 дня 1:34
Viral Instagram post tricks users about privacy
Instagram has discredited a widely circulated post falsely claiming the social platform has changed its privacy policy. 23 августа 2019, 2:43
2 567
3 дня 0:53
Missing NYC chef found dead
New York City police discovered the body of a missing chef at a Queens hostel Thursday, NYPD said in a statement. 23 августа 2019, 2:42
21 505
3 дня 5:06
2020 Trail Markers: Presidential hopefuls focus on faith outreach in South Carolina
Former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign hired a faith outreach director Thursday. He also announced new endorsements from 39 religious leaders. 23 августа 2019, 2:14
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