Simple Homemade Transistor Radio

Simple Homemade Transistor Radio

  • Simple AM Radio using Transistors - DIY
  • Small FM Radio Circuit -
  • Simple FM Radio Circuit Using a Single Transistor.
  • Smallest Radio Circuit Using Two Transistors - Engineering.
  • Homemade Radio - YouTube
  • Simple AM Radio using Transistors - DIY

    Although there are various manners by which a radio signal might be regulated, one of the easiest is to change its amplitude by varieties of the sound. Furthermore, for making 200uH curl take a #26 enameled copper wire and wound 60 turns on a 1cm diameter and 7.6cm long ferrite bar. This circuit operates with a 9-volt battery. On 1998 I did learn how the first transistor was 'invented' 1. A simple contact-point transistor was not easy because the results are random and not efficient. On 2007 I started to retake the idea. I got some information from DrDR saying: 'I am a little surprised that it would be considered 'difficult' to make a transistor. But sometimes all you need is to lay back with a simple transistor radio, like in the old days. With this AM/FM Portable Pocket Radio, you can unwind by tuning into your favorite music station, with zero distractions, and no annoying touch screens with endless options. Authentic pleasure in real time.

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    Simple AM and Short Wave Radio Projects for Beginners.

    AM radio with spiral-wound coil and home-made tuning capacitor The radios described here are a regenerative design utilizing a single JFET and cheap audio amplifier integrated circuit. (JFET: “Junction Field Effect Transistor”, a small electronic device which can amplify radio signals and is used as the basis for these radios. For this we must have radio frequency amplification of the signals picked up by the aerial before they reach the detector(The standard circuit for a transistor portable receiver has three stages of radio frequency amplification ahead of the diode). For amplification, you can use a simple audio amplifier using LM386.

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    Transistor Radio Plans | Vintage Projects

    Make a homebrewed transistor radio is the essence of retro. Start assembling thisi transistor radio at seven o'clock. At eight, plug in the earphone and listen to programs! It's as simple and reliable as that. Even if you've never attempted radio construction before, you'll find the job easy and enjoyable. The secret lies in a carefully planned and tested layout with open, one-plane wiring. Wonderful One-Transistor Reflex Radio If you are going to build a one-transistor radio, make it this one! This reflex radio project was inspired by Robert Bazian 's design.His reflex radio is the 'darndest' thing I have seen and his spectacular results inspired me to come up with my own version.

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    Small FM Radio Circuit -

    Perhaps this is one of the simplest and smallest FM radio receiver that can receive the FM stations available locally. Its simple design makes it ideal for a pocket sized FM receiver. The output of the receiver drives a head phone. The circuit works off a small 4.5 volt battery or two 3.6 volt Lithium button cells. Includes radio mounting stand. Requires one 9V battery. This is an unassembled kit and requires assembly. The most important factor in assembling this Superhet 108 AM/FM Transistor and IC Radio Kit is good soldering techniques. The included Detailed Manual provides easy to follow instructions to learn these techniques and complete this kit.

    A Simple Regen Radio for Beginners

    ere’s a low cost, simple-to-build, portable shortwave receiver. Its design is noncritical and the receiver is easy to get going. With it, you can receive dozens of international shortwave broadcast stations at night even indoors using a 39-inch whip antenna. This little radio is perfect for discovering ham-band QSOs, news, music and all the level. You can make a simple control unit with a 500,000 -ohm potentiometer as shown. Some manufacturers claim that their transistor radios are built like a fine watch - and if we consider size as the determining factor, they are certainly right. Don't insist on using man-size tools for these midgets. Dc voltage measurements

    MAKE a 1.5V AM RADIO! : 5 Steps (with Pictures.

    We'll need some electronic components and any other thinks that you like to add for modify the radio. 3- NPN TRANSISTORS (I RECOMMEND YOU TO USE GERMANIUM TRANSISTORS AC187) OR 2N2222 ANY GENERAL PURPOSE TRANSISTOR. 1- FERRITE COIL (ANTENNA AM RADIO) FROM AN OLD RADIO TOO. 1- 0.01 uF ceramic capacitor (103). Making a Transistor Radio is a book written by George C. Dobbs, with illustrations by B. H Robinson, and published by Wills and Hepworth Ltd. This wonderful book is to introduce a novice beginner into the world of radio engineering and begins from simple steps.

    How to Create a Simple AM Radio (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    You can make your own simple AM radio antenna using a piece of wire. Use a small diameter insulated wire, such as a 20 or 22-gauge, and cut it to a length of at least 15 or 20 feet (4.6 or 6.1 m). To boost the reception, coil the wire in a circle and use zip ties or electrical tape to keep the coil from unraveling. Easy To Build Transistor Projects: Have Fun with Transistors F.J. Camm: Beginner's Guide to Radio: Newnes Short Wave Manual: Practical Wireless Circuits: Radio Controlled Models: Wireless Transmission : A.T. Collins: More Simple Radio Circuits: Simple Radio Circuits : Gilbert Davy: Fun with Electronics: Fun with Radio 1: Fun with Radio 4

    Simple FM Radio Circuit Using a Single Transistor.

    Here a single transistor acts as a receiver, demodulator, amplifier to constitute a wonderful tiny FM radio. Image Courtesy: Elektor Electronics. It's basically based on a superregenerative audion receiver circuit where the use of minimal components becomes the main feature of the unit. However fewer components also means a few compromises involved, here the receiver requires a large metal base for grounding the unwanted signals, and for keeping the noise factor to the lowest, and also this. This two transistor AM radio circuit is also called “mini-radio”. It uses only 2 transistors and few passive components which makes is very easy to be constructed. Although the circuit is very simple, it functions very well without external antenna or ground connection. The transistor T1 works as a feedback regulated HF-amplifier and. With his new transistor, Ward built a radio, just a simple tuned circuit with a germanium diode to detect a signal and a CK722 as an audio amplifier. “I turned it on in my room at night after.

    Make this Simple FM Radio Circuit Using a Single.

    Simple FM Radio Circuit Using a Single Transistor | Homemade Circuit Projects When it comes to making an FM receiver it's always thought to be a complex design, however the one transistor simple FM receive… This two transistor AM radio circuit is also called “mini-radio”. It uses only 2 transistors and few passive components which makes is very easy to be constructed. Although the circuit is very simple, it functions very well without external antenna or ground connection. Transistor is an app for listening to radio programs over the internet. Transistor is a radio app with a minimalistic approach, that may not be to everyone's liking. It has no radio station discovery feature. Transistor only offers a very simple search option and it imports audio streaming links, when you tap on them in a web browser. Transistor is free software. It is published under the MIT.

    Single transistor radio - CircuitsToday

    Description. Here is the circuit diagram of a simple radio that uses one transistor and few other passive components.The C6 and L1 forms a tank circuit which picks up the signal from your desired radio station.Diode D1, capacitor C2 and resistor R1 does the detection of the picked signal.The detected signal is coupled to the base of Q1 through capacitor C3.The Q1 gives required amplification to the signal.The resistor R2 is used to bias Q1.R3 limits the collector current of Q1.The audio. home made radio circuits or crystal radio circuits which is very interesting project of electronics. Building a crystal radio circuit is not very difficult and require a very little electronics or technical knowledge, you can make it with 2 to 4 components in a very short time. The crystal radio schematic shown below is very simple and one can easily build it in few minutes if all parts are.

    Super Simple MW/AM radio circuit |

    A one transistor MW/AM radio. Another MW Autodyne Receiver. I knocked up this circuit as it claims so much (there is a version with a speaker transformer that claims loud speaker performance from two transistors) and is so simple: How To Choose a Transistor. The NPN transistor is the most common of the Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT).But there is another one called a PNP transistor that works the same way, just that all the currents are in the opposite direction.. When choosing a transistor, the most important thing to keep in mind is how much current the transistor can support.

    Simple Home-Built Radio Projects

    October 2006 - How I build my Radio Circuits-- 'Ugly Construction' Over a Ground Plane. February 2004 - A simple Crystal Radio - no batteries needed. June 2007 - Build a FREE-POWER, Batteryless One Transistor AM Radio! December 2000 - Using the earth as an 'underground antenna' A Three-Transistor Receiver The FET as a Regenerative Detector BY WALTER F. LANGE, * WIYDS VEX in this age Of crowded hands and sophis- ticated communications systems, there is room for the lowly regenerative receiver. The unit shown Figs. I through is a simple receiver that Should be easy for most anyone to build, regardless Of his experience.

    Smallest Radio Circuit Using Two Transistors - Engineering.

    Smallest Radio Circuit Using Two Transistors. Coil L 1 consist of 100 turns of 40 SWG insulated wire. Wind L 2 over L 1 which is 10 turns of the same wire. For L 3 wind 56 SWG (approx) over ordinary IFT former without using core and metal cover. Counting of turns is not necessary. Wind the wire completed over former pulley. The one transistor AM radio receiver is something all whippersnappers try out when starting out on the royal road to radio building. This circuit is the one that I designed and made when I was a little whippersnapper. Although this circuit uses as transistor to amplify the signal from the crystal radio, it still requires a crystal earpiece.

    Simple FM Radio - Electronics DIY

    This is one of my favorite radio builds just because of how simple it is and how well it is able to pick up a lot of FM radio stations. I have browsed the world in search of a one transistor FM receiver. I have seen a couple but they were always attached to some sort of added device, such as another IC or another transistor for amplification in the receiver itself. A transistor radio is a small portable radio receiver that uses transistor -based circuitry, which revolutionized the field of consumer electronics by introducing small but powerful, convenient hand-held devices. Following the invention of the transistor the first commercial transistor radio, the Regency TR-1, was released in 1954.

    3 Transistor Short Wave Radio

    The AF Amplifier is a simple two-stage direct coupled Common Emitter amplifier for driving the crystal earphone. Transistor Q2 provides a gain of approximately 5 and together with R10 and C9 performs additional filtering of the carrier signal. Transistor Q3 provides a gain of approximately 100 (the transistor current gain at .5mA). SWLing Post contributor, Richard Langley, writes: Came across this site on building a 3-transistor shortwave radio similar to the kit offered by Radio Shack years ago: It was featured on the Instru…

    How to Make a Transistor Radio - DIY - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

    Building a Radio A section of pine board — about 9-foot square — will provide a good foundation for your scrap-box project. You can stain or carve or engrave (use whatever talent you might have)... Transistor Radio Radio Usa Ham Radio Electronics Basics Electronics Projects Electronic Circuit Design Fm Radio Receiver Radio Design Technology More information. People also love these ideas Transistor radio receiver Written by Hans Summers Saturday, 20 June 2009 15:45 I built this simple regenerative short wave radio receiver in 1982 with a lot of help from my Dad. It ran on a 9 volt battery installed in the back of the box, on the right hand side. The box was made entirely of plywood.

    Homemade Radio - YouTube

    This video shows how to make a homemade AM radio, also called a foxhole or crystal radio. 23. A simple transistor tester 73 24. An introduction to transmitters 77 25. The Colt 80m receiver – Part 3 81 26. A two-way Morse practice system 88 27. The Colt 80m receiver – Part 4 91 28. A simple crystal set 95 29. A crystal calibrator 100 30. A simple short-wave receiver – Part 1 104 31. A fruit-powered medium-wave radio 106 32. A.

    Make a Simple Audio Amplifier : 10 Steps - Instructables

    You need the following components 1- LM 386 semiconductor (IC) 2- 100 micro Farad capacitor 3- 220 micro Farad capacitor 4- 10 ohm resistor 5- 5 kilo ohm variable resistor 6- 100 ohm variable resistor 7- 0.01 capacitor 8- 0.047 capacitor 9- Wires 10- 9V Battery clip 11- 9V Battery 12- 3.5mm stereo jack male 13- 3.5mm stereo jack female 14- Project board (or you can use dotted board and solder. Here’s a simple FM receiver with minimum components for local FM reception. Transistor BF495 (T2), together with a 10k resistor (R1), coil L, 22pF variable capacitor (VC), and internal capacitances of transistor BF494 (T1), comprises the Colpitts oscillator.. The resonance frequency of this oscillator is set by trimmer VC to the frequency of the transmitting station that we wish to listen.

    Single Transistor Radio Receiver Circuit | Homemade.

    An antenna stage, a band selector stage, a demodulator stage and a receiving element.When all of these come together radio reception becomes as simple as a piece of cake. The circuit of a single transistor radio shown here though looks pretty ordinary, yet incorporates all the above stages and becomes just suitable for receiving the nearby. The section on crystal radio plans was so sucessful that I decided to add simple transistor radio plans also. If you have any others, please email me and let me know. #1 Signal Snare. jpg files Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 #2 Philmore Portable Transistor Radio Kit. PDF File Page 1 #3 Sub-Basement Radio. A transistor radio could fit in a pocket, weighed half a pound, and was powered by a single compact 9V battery.” The article went on, “When it went on sale on Nov. 1, the Regency TR-1 cost $49.95.

    A One-Transistor Ham Transmitter Anyone Can Build | Hackaday

    You just make it a non-keyed local oscillator, you take signal from the third winding to PA via single transistor AM modulator or cascode, or dual gate MOSFET, which is a cascode in small package… You can buy a transistor radio these days for as little as Rs. 50. The transistor radios sold in the market require an external power source -- electricity from the mains or from a dry penlight cell. You can make a transistor radio that does not require any form of electrical source to operate. All you need is a few electrical/electronic.

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